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Banksy Android Wallpaper

Banksy Lifestyle android wallpaper
Banksy Lifestyle

Views: 3055
Banksy Adultery android wallpaper
Banksy Adultery

Views: 3048
Banksy Signature android wallpaper
Banksy Signature

Views: 1482
Banksy Rat Run android wallpaper
Banksy Rat Run

Views: 1281
Banksy Artists android wallpaper
Banksy Artists

Views: 1221

Banksy Android Wallpaper is pure genius. It's bold and brash and screams out as you turn on your phone. Often controversial, sometimes right in your face, and always meaningful, Banksy android wallpaper can never be considered dull. The English based graffiti artist combines dark humor and satire with graffiti that is created using a unique stencilling technique. Fans of Banksy may recall the outcry of the eight thousand pound elephant stencilled in pink paint to match the walls of a living room. Crazy, but you can show it on your smart phone screen. Any Banksy fan can't fail to be impressed by this wonderful collection of Banksy android wallpaper.

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