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Minecraft Android Wallpaper

Minecraft Logo android wallpaper
Minecraft Logo

Views: 4612
Minecraft Spider android wallpaper
Minecraft Spider

Views: 1262
Minecraft Faces android wallpaper
Minecraft Faces

Views: 1338
Minecraft Cube 2 android wallpaper
Minecraft Cube 2

Views: 1150

Minecraft Android Wallpaper is great for those moments when you want to escape reality and spend some time in another world. It's all about crafting and building using 3D textured bricks whilst escaping monsters that come out at night. Minecraft live wallpaper night is for those people who come alive at night. They can watch as dark clouds loom and cover the moon whilst they have to defend themselves against all manner of evil lurking beneath the stars ( hopefully by this time they will have built themselves a shelter). A great wallpaper for creative folks who can also challenge their friends to see who can reach the highest level. Be aware this wallpaper could keep you awake into the early hours.

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