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Zelda Android Wallpaper

Zelda Symbol 2 android wallpaper
Zelda Symbol 2

Views: 5569
Zelda Symbol 1 android wallpaper
Zelda Symbol 1

Views: 3868
Zelda Sword android wallpaper
Zelda Sword

Views: 2569
Zelda Princess android wallpaper
Zelda Princess

Views: 2275
Zelda Shield android wallpaper
Zelda Shield

Views: 922
Zelda Spirit android wallpaper
Zelda Spirit

Views: 303

Zelda Android Wallpaper brings to life the Legend of Zelda which dates back to the 1980's. As with many fantasy games, the object of the game is to rescue a damsel in distress, in this case Princess Zelda, from the claws of Ganondorf, the bad guy. If you loved playing Nintendo's Zelda then you'll easily embrace the Zelda retro live wallpaper which will turn your phone screen into a stunning Zelda slide show. The Zelda images are continuously updated and rotate, giving you a fresh new slide show every time you turn on your phone. All of the Zelda android wallpaper features bold graphics and high resolution imagery which will make your phone stand out in the crowd.

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